What We Believe

We’re all about the community


Community is Everything

We strive to encompass the true meaning of “pay it forward”. “If we can help one client leave our center with a smile, that smile can cause a contagion of happiness.”


Reconstructing Lives

Imagine seeing your baby born with a cleft lip transform into smiling a child without restrictions or limitations. Burns, dog bites and accident victims who can be molded back together with the confident hands of our plastic surgeons. Breast cancer patients who can feel whole again with amazing techniques in reconstruction. We enjoy cosmetic work but we’re over the moon when we can help heal and transform a wound or abnormality.


Exercise + Proper Nutrition = Optimal Preventative Medicine

Good nutrition and exercise is the first step in feeling healthy and maintaining a positive attitude. Combined with avoiding tobacco and reducing sun exposure, these simple life choices are the key to a healthy body. These activities also aid in reducing stress which can dramatically effect overall wellness.



Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design requires contractors to consider energy conservation for all new building projects and extensive remodels or renovations. The goal is to ensure each structure meets the environmental needs of the community by maintaining an eco-friendly design. LEED has a point system or earned credits to achieve the level your project can earn to be: Certified (40-49 points), Silver (50-59 points), Gold (60-79 points), or Platinum (80+ points).

Spa Renaissance has earned the Certified level and will strive to continue to stay aware of the need for sustainable energy conservation.


Our Mission

Our physicians and staff are committed to providing a healthy approach to aging. We believe preventative treatments with healthy skin and hair care management can help reduce the appearance of aging. One function of the skin is to protect the body by filtering out impurities through the pores. This giant organ is very important in overall health which is why we have formulated our own line of skincare products, RPS. Our product line will correct and hydrate, leaving your skin feeling and looking great. Created with proven ingredients including vitamins and green tea, to help Repair, Protect and Strengthen.

From our products to our procedures, we promise you that our medical, therapeutic, creative beauty and support staff use cutting edge technology, training, and education to offer you the absolute finest services available. We strive to remain leaders in our industries. We research the latest products, procedures, and technologies, and are extremely selective to choose only those that produce the results they claim. Should we be unable to provide you any service you require, we’ll happily seek out and redirect you to those who can. Our mission is to help you be… Fabulous at Any Age®


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