Therapeutic Spa

Our spa staff will help you rejuvenate and relieve stress. Unwind with a relaxing facial to conclude a long week or enjoy one of our body scrub treatments.

Body Scrubs From $125

Body scrubs are popular body treatments aiming at exfoliating the skin. An abrasive material (typically sugar or coconut) mixed with oil or cream is rubbed on the whole body to exfoliate the skin. Once the job is done, the mixture is rinsed off and a moisturizer is applied on the body.

Facials From $20

Therapeutic (from $80)

This facial includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation followed by a masque selected especially for your skin type. Exfoliating treatments give an immediate smooth and silky texture, leaving the skin with a radiating glow.

Organic (from $100)

Experience Mother Nature at her best with a facial so natural you can feel the fresh fruit. The antioxidants and vitamins in fruit are beneficial to healthy growth of new skin cells. Organic products stimulate the skin through cleansing, steam, light exfoliation, a masque, and hydration that will leave the skin bright and renewed.

Gentlemen’s (from $80)

Cleansing exfoliation followed by a masque and hydration designed specifically for the needs of men helping the skin feel refreshed. This maintenance can calm issues such as dry skin, sensitivity and shaving irritation. Accompanied by a head and neck massage.

Custom Corrective (from $100)

This pore cleansing facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and steam to melt away the impurities. Light extractions may accompany this treatment followed by a clarifying masque and moisture to balance and rejuvenate your skin.

Oxygen (from $150)

Hydrates skin immediately, making the face appear smoother and more plump helping to combat visible signs of aging. Oxygen is used to strengthen the skins elasticity and help eliminate acne causing bacteria, reduce fine lines and wrinkles even out skin tone and diminish pores.

Back Facial (from $80)

These areas can be hard to reach or treat at home, but still need maintenance and care. Designed to help breakouts, redness, dry skin, and other issues common to these areas. Starting with a deep exfoliating cleanse, steaming to relax and open pores, followed by extractions and hydration.

Fresh Start (from $60)

This express facial is the perfect lunchtime or package treatment, quick but complete with cleansing, exfoliation and a masque. For extractions and décolleté massage upgrade to a therapeutic facial.

Extractions (from $20)

A specialized technique performed by your aesthetician to relieve pores of blackheads without scarring.

Spray Tan From $25

Enjoy a custom tan created with all natural ingredients. Not only does this tan give you glowing color, it helps protect the skin in the sun, and it’s much healthier than a tanning bed. Many clients start with a body scrub then get a spray tan before a trip to ensure great color and protection as you head to a more tropical climate.

  • Full body (from $40)
  • Partial (from $25)
  • Buy 3 for $90

Waxing From $6


  • Eyebrow (from $20)
  • Face (from $25)
  • Nose and Ears (from $6)
  • Lip (from $10)
  • Chin (from $15)


  • Chest (from $50)
  • Stomach (from $25)
  • Back (from $60)


  • Full Arm (from $40)
  • Partial Arm (from $20)
  • Underarm (from $25)


  • Full Leg (from $65)
  • Partial Leg (from $40)

Bikini Area

  • Bikini (from $35)
  • Brazilian (from $80)
  • Buttock (from $45)