Plastic Surgery Story

In a time where few people would admit they had a plastic surgeon we decided to focus on results, education and growth.

Peter McCabe, M.D. was a world-renowned plastic surgeon and president of the Michigan State Medical Society who took pride in marching on Washington to pass legislation and force improved policies in his field. Those efforts lead to mandatory insurance coverage following mastectomy by all health insurance carriers in the United States of America.

Dr. McCabe founded Renaissance Plastic Surgery, P.C. in 1995 after a successful 20-year solo practice. Renaissance (referring to “rebirth”), was his next chapter, another project seeking to pay it forward and spread humanism. He then added the dynamic skills of William A. Stefani, M.D. and Jeffery L. Williams, M.D. Together with their strength and ethics Renaissance Plastic Surgery began to grow in a time where the economy was crashing and plastic surgery was taboo.

This didn’t slow the group down. Before his passing, Dr. McCabe and his team decided to move forward with a business plan entitled “Fabulous at Any Age”. From then on they set out to develop a wellness center employing licensed professionals in their respective fields to enhance and heal the body and soul. In 2015 George S. Miguel, D.O. came on board and the group of physicians dedicated themselves to educating patients, bringing warmth and compassion into their offices.

“We promise to educate ourselves to bring you proven options, not false marketing gimmicks.”

Check the video our physicians participated in for CBS! Popular topics such as mommy makeovers, facial surgery and breast reconstruction are discussed.