Spa Renaissance Story

Our medical practice, RPS, expanded into the development of Spa Renaissance. In the tradition of offering clients a friendly atmosphere with innovative care, we wanted to bring the community something different. Thus an idea was born, to join together the culture of a high end day spa with medical spa and salon services.

We now have a variety of services and an assortment of specialists, bringing with them a wealth of expertise. Clients can experience the most up to date, environmentally friendly technology.

We’re delighted to bring our expertise directly to your home with our own line of RPS skin care products. Our carefully selected products are designed to have effective results, while maintaining the soothing comfort we’re known for. Instead of booking appointments at three different facilities you can take care of yourself in one place. Schedule a relaxing facial, a haircut with color, your Botox treatment all in one setting. Helping you manage your time efficiently will save money and relieve stress.