Hair tips to take seriously

by Kathy Partin, Board Certified Hair Colorist @ Spa Renaissance

Do NOT comb or brush thru your wet, bleached hair fresh out of the shower. Begin drying it and lots of the tangles will fall out on their own preventing breakage. Hair is fragile when wet, especially if it’s bleached.

If your hair always tangles (it probably did when you were a kid, too) we have a de-tangler that works SO well! Milbon.

Use a scrunchie on your hair for a pony tail or bun. Do NOT knot it all up with an elastic, especially when wet. That’s how you lose a lot of hair from breakage.

Get a silk pillowcase.

Braid or put your long, color treated hair in a bun and cover it when on a motorcycle, fast boat or open car. You wouldn’t treat your favorite blouse like that, would you?

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