Everyday UV Protection

Sun protection and the use of sunscreen are crucial to skin health and protection against skin cancer. What exactly are sunscreens? Sunscreens are products that protect the skin from the Suns UV radiation with various combined ingredients. UVA and UVB rays from the sun damage the skin and prematurely age it. Those same UV rays also increase your risk of skin cancer.

There are many sunscreen options, so how do you know which product is right for you?

  • APPLY DAILY. Anyone over 6 months old should wear an SPF everyday as we are all subject to sunlight at some point throughout the day.
  • SPF 15+. These affordable products do an excellent job at protecting skin from UVB rays.
  • BROAD-SPECTRUM. This means your product will protect against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • WATER RESISTANT. The sunscreen you choose should also be water resistant to help when you are sweating or in the water. Please remember even water resistant or “waterproof” sunscreens should be reapplied after swimming or excessive sweating.
  • LIQUID, LOTION OR SPRAYS. The kind of sunscreen you use is a matter of personal choice and can change depending on what part of your body you are covering. For example, creams are the best for dry skin and the face whereas sprays are often preferred for the body because they are easily applied, especially on children.

Sunscreens can also come in combination products such as moisturizers and cosmetics. Luckily, this results in one less step in your morning routine! We offer a variety of different products that contain SPF including mineral makeup, face primers, moisturizers, body sprays, even in some hairsprays.


Speak with your skin care specialist to get the best recommendation for your skin type and daily routine!

Authored by Joanna Barker, Medical Aesthetician