5 Tips for Effective Spring Skincare

Your skin is body armor for your muscles, bones and organs – it’s also the largest organ of your body! Our Michigan climate change adds environmental, sun and wind damage that we should all make an effort to protect our skin from because it is a precious portion of our health.

With the sun finally shining and the snow melting, it’s a sign that spring is around the corner! Although you should practice good skincare habits all year-round; a change of seasons means a change in your skincare routine as well. As the weather warms up add a few of these tips into your routine to help your skin recover from winter and prepare for the summer!

  • Winter skin is typically dry, often scaly, rough and itchy. As spring rolls in, pamper your skin to help it recover and get back a smooth skin texture. It’s important to continue using an oil-free moisturizer after you wash your face in the morning and before bedtime. Your skin will be noticeably softer, trust me!
  • SPF should always be a part of your routine, no matter the season. Prepare properly for the summer sun by wearing your sunscreen (30SPF or above), even when indoors or on cloudy days. Protecting skin from harmful UV rays has to take place ahead of time, and even when you can’t see the sun!
  • If you have rough, dry patches of skin on your face due to winter dryness, a deep peel is an excellent option for correcting the issue. A peel will help remove those patches, exposing the smooth, clear skin underneath. The exfoliation takes around 1-2 days, so your skin will be vibrant just in time for the full swing of spring.
  • Spring is also an excellent time to begin using an alpha-hydroxy skin care product on your face. “Alpha-hydroxy” is an exfoliating chemical that will help remove the dead, dry skin cells that winter brings. As dead skin is removed, your face will look brighter, more moisturized, and rejuvenated.
  • It’s important to stay away from skincare products that further aggravate environmental damage and protect your skin as much as it protects you. This includes using “cosmeceuticals” or medical-grade cosmetics that are good for you, versus drugstore soaps and moisturizers with harmful chemical fragrances.

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Authored by Dr. George S. Miguel, a facial plastic surgeon and skincare specialist in Troy and Clarkston.